Ventura construction is a main contractor based in the North West, but national working is the norm rather than the exception.

We specialise in taking projects from initial client requirments through to handing back the keys to a fully completed project.

We believe that we offer a focused, pro-active and integeral part of the design and construction process.

With first hand involvement in our clients business practices and needs we have developed a unique understanding of their requirements and so can add value at all stages of a project.

We are confident that we are highly competative in any tender or negotiation exercise. The companies values are total honesty and integrity to deliver an innovative, open-minded and professional approach to projects with a seamless transfer from the pre-construction phase, to the implementation and successful completion of the project. We have the courage to challenge conventional thinking.

We know that only true innovation will keep us ahead. Our clients have the right to expect excellence. Everything we do is intended to build long term relationships. In the end, it all comes down to value.

"We belive that true partnership is being able to think and act as your client does"


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